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The Healing Time

By: Pesha Joyce Gertler.

©All rights reserved.

Finally on my way to yes

I bump into

all the places

where I said no

to my life

all the untended wounds

the red and purple scars

those hieroglyphs of pain

carved into my skin, my bones

those coded messages

that send me down

the wrong street

again and again

where I find them

the old wounds

the old misdirections

and I lift them

one by one

close to my heart

and I say–




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Think that it’s fun,

…that you’re guided,

…and that all is well;

…that there’s time,

…that life is easy,

…and that the best has yet to come.

Think that the reasons that elude you…

will one day catch up,

that the lessons that have stumped you…

will one day bring joy,

and that the sorrows that have crippled you…

will soon give you wings.

Think that you’re important,

that you cannot fail,

and that happiness always returns.

And think… that you’re beautiful.

I do!

The Universe-Mike Dooley

© www.tut.com ®

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Timing Is Everything


Where You Need To Be
Timing Can Be Everything

Since human timetables quite often

do not correspond with universal timetables,

it’s common for people to feel

that life is progressing

too slowly or too quickly.

We draft carefully composed plans

only to find that they fall into place

when we least expect.

Or, conversely,

we are thrust into roles we believe

we are not prepared for

and wonder

how we will survive the demands

imposed upon us

by unfamiliar circumstances.

When delays in our progress

kindle pangs of disappointment within us

or the pace of life seems overwhelming,

peace can be found in the simple fact

that we are exactly where we need to be

at this moment.

Every person fulfills their purpose

when the time is right.

If you have fast-tracked to success,

you may become deeply frustrated

if you discover

you can no longer satisfy your desires

as quickly as you might like.

Yet the delays that disappoint you

may be laying the foundation

for future accomplishments

that you have not yet conceived.

Or the universe

may have plans for you that differ

from the worldly aspirations

you have pursued up until this point.

What you deem a postponement of progress

may actually represent

an auspicious opportunity to prepare for

what is yet to come.

If, however,

you feel as though the universe

is pushing you forward at too fast a clip,

you may be unwittingly resisting your destiny.

Your unease

regarding the speed of your progress

could be a sign

that you need to cultivate awareness within yourself

and learn to move with the flow of fate

rather than against it.

The universe puts nothing in your path

that you are incapable of handling,

so you can rest assured

that you are ready to grow

into your new situation.

You may feel compelled

to judge your personal success using

your age,

your professional position,

your level of education,

or the accomplishments of your peers

as a yardstick.

Yet we all enjoy the major milestones

in our lives at the appropriate time—

some realize their dreams as youngsters

while others flourish only in old age.

If you take pride

in your many accomplishments

and make the most

of every circumstance in which

you find yourself,

your time will come.


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doorway to garden

Crumbling Walls

All around you,

hear the stones falling

and dropping to the earth,

then crumbling into dust.

All around you,

hear the crashing down of the old as it falls.

Do not be startled by the sound.

Do not run and hide.

Do not be concerned

if dust clouds your vision for a time.

Stand here in this place

that is created by your soul

as you go deep inside

and find there your own peace,

your own personal truth,

the center of your universe.

Stand safely and quietly here inside

and watch; do not be afraid.

Look here, where a wall has fallen

and a beautiful garden is now revealed,

a garden that was carefully tended for centuries,

kept as a fabulous secret

and available only to the privileged few.

And now, the weeds begin to spring up

and the wall has crumbled to dust.

But… look… look…

The flowers are still blooming

and the trees are still standing,

ready to bear fruit in the coming spring.

There is beauty and bounty here,

waiting to be tended by new gardeners.

And here, across another crumbed wall,

there is an open field with deeply fertile soil

that is waiting  to be planted.

And as you set foot on this fertile earth,

you suddenly see a handful of seeds in your right hand

and a watering can of pure water in your left.

And something within you yearns to farm this land.

The fields of possibility stretch out endlessly.

It is opening all around you,

windows where once there were solid walls,

passageways opening wider and wider.

And this is all you need to do:

Let fear fall away like the walls;

let it drop to the ground

and crumble along with the dust

of old ways of


and seeing

and  doing.

Go into your heart and feel your courage.

Pull it out and allow it to fill your entire body,

a golden glow of courage expanding outward.

Let your intuition guide you to the opportunities.


They are all around you.


Choose one thing and begin to walk toward it.


Take one brave step every day.


One telephone call, one conversation.


One act of courage every day,

moving toward something new and unknown,

full of courage and curiosity,

willing to let life unfold as it will.

Each act of courage, each small but brave step

through those crumbling walls

and into the fields of possibility,

is a soul step,

a soul step toward a new life of beauty and wonder.

Stop for a moment and go inside and ask: Am I to do this,

take a brave step every day,

just one little thing, but every day at least one?

And hear the answer calling out:

Yes… yes!

Step out…. Yes… yes.

And a year from now

you will look back

and see the path you have forged

into the new world

that is being built all around you.

It beckons.

It awaits.

Take a deep breath and step out now.

~With Gratitude to: Thomas Putman

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