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Some cultures are more rooted to the earth

and connected to their inherent spirituality.

But every one of us, even those of us

who have been disconnected

from our roots for hundreds of years,

comes from a place that was once inhabited

by people who worshipped

and honored the earth on which they lived.

In other words,

we can all claim this wisdom

as an essential part of who we are.

One way we can begin to rediscover our roots

is to explore the early earth-based religions

practiced in the parts of the world

that birthed our ancestors.

If we explore

the ancient spiritual practices of our ancestors,

we will find that their practices and beliefs

share many elements

with Native American, African,

and aboriginal religious traditions.

People who are connected to the earth

and honor her share a fundamental philosophy

that we can claim as our own

because we too are of the earth.

Many of us

have become so disconnected from the earth

that it feels foreign and awkward

to imagine communing with her

or performing a ritual for her.

If we are honest, though,

we will find within ourselves a yearning

to feel more connected,

more grounded,

and more at home in this world.

This yearning can lead us back

to our disowned roots,

which, of course,

leads us right into the heart of the earth.

As we begin to see more clearly

the people we come from,

we can begin to alter our perception

of who we are now,

laying claim

to our inherent relatedness to the earth.

We might celebrate this by observing

the ancient calendar of solstices and equinoxes,

celebrating and honoring the cycle of the seasons

as our ancestors did,

or we might explore

any one of the many earth-based practices

through reading or participating in ritual.

When we do these things,

we tap back into our roots,

finding nourishment

at the wellspring of our earthly origins,

the source we share with all of humanity.


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