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Moving locations

when you feel strongly to do so

is a way of bringing

your spiritual and earthly energies together.

There will likely be times in your life

when your soul evolves more quickly

than your circumstances.

Your subconscious mind

may be ready to move forward

long before you recognize

that you are destined

to embrace a new way of life.

Your soul intuitively understands

that changing habitats

can be a vital part of the growth process

and that there may be one part of you

that is eager

to move to another home,

another state,

or another plane of existence.

But the ties that bind you

to your current mode of being

can make moving into this next stage of your life

more challenging than it has to be.

If you find it difficult to move on,

consider that just as people in your life

may come and go,

your role in others’ lives

may also be temporary.

And many of the conditions

that at first seemed favorable

served you for a short time.

When you are ready

to match your situation to your soul,

you will find that you feel

a new sense of harmony and

increasingly connected

to the ebb and flow

of the universe.

Moving on can be defined in numerous ways.

Your forward momentum

may take you from your current locale

to a place you instinctively know

will be more nurturing,


and spiritually enriching.

Once you arrive,

your misgivings will vanish,

and you will know

that you have found a sanctuary.

Similarly, subtle changes in your values,

goals, or emotional needs

can motivate you to distance yourself

from one group of people

in order to re-associate yourself

with individuals that are

better able to support you.

For example, this could mean

moving away from your birth family

in order to find

your energetic or spiritual family.

The route you need to travel

may not always be clear;

you may feel inspired to change

yet be unsure as to why or how.

Clarity may come in the form of a question

if you are willing to seriously ask yourself

where your soul is trying to take you.

In a way,

moving from one point to another

when you feel strongly driven to do so

is a way of bringing

your spiritual

and earthly energies


It is a two-step process

that involves not only letting go

but also reconnecting.

You will know you have found your destination,

physical or otherwise,

when you feel in your heart

that you have been reborn into a life

that is just the right shape,


and composition.

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