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flower giftThe Universe

does not know or care

whether the vibration that you’re offering

is in response

to something you are living right now,

and observing,

or in response to something

you are imagining.

In either case,

the Universe accepts it

as your point of attraction…

and matches it.


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The Universe is abundant

with everything that you want.

It’s not testing you.

It’s benevolently providing for you.

But you are the orchestrater.

You are the definer,

and you do it

through your joyous anticipation.

If there is an emotion that you are wanting to foster,

that would serve you very, very well,

it is positive expectation.

It is excited anticipation.

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We cannot focus upon

the weaknesses of one another

and evoke strengths.

You cannot focus upon

the things that you think they are doing wrong,

and evoke things that will make you feel better.

You’ve got to beat the drum

that makes you feel good when you beat it.

And when you do,

you’ll be a strong signal of influence

that will help them to reconnect

with who they are.

©1997-2010 Abraham-Hicks Publications.

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If you have a subject

that makes you uncomfortable

when you think about it,

it means

there is strong desire

related to it.

Which means

it really, really, REALLY matters.

So finding a way

to think about it and feel good

is your work.

But it is equally effective

to think about anything else

and feel good,

and let it in.

You don’t have to think about money

in order to let in money.

You just can’t think about

lack of money,

to let in money.

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Be easy about it.

Don’t rush into things.

Savor them more.

Make more plans and

be more deliberate and specific

about the plans you are making,

and in all you do,

let your dominant intent

be to find that which pleasures you

as you imagine it.

Let your desire for pleasure

and your desire for feeling good

be your only guiding light.

As you seek those thoughts that feel good,

you will always be in vibrational harmony

with the Energy that is your Source.

And under those conditions,

only good

can come to you —

and only good

can come from you.

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Mining the moment

for something that feels good,

something to appreciate,

something to savor,

something to take in,

that’s what your moments are about.

They’re not about justifying your existence…

It’s justified.

You exist.

It’s not about proving your worthiness….

It’s done.

You’re worthy.

It’s not about achieving success…

You never get it done.

It’s about

“How much can this moment deliver to me?”

And some of you like them fast,

some of you like them slow.

No one’s taking score.

You get to choose.

The only measurement is between

my desire and my allowing.

And your emotions

tell you everything about that.

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Well-being is the only order of the day,

unless you are doing something to pinch it off.

So, little by little, more and more,

people begin to feel comfortable

with their own thoughts;

especially, understanding

that thoughts don’t have

instant manifestational power, anyway.

You live in this time/space reality

where there is a buffer zone between

the offering of a thought and

the receiving of the manifestation.

So it gives you

a lot of opportunity

to amend and

add to.

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