God Falls In

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By Martha Beck: “A Jewish friend told me this story: A man asks his rabbi, ‘Why does God write the law on our hearts? Why not in our hearts? It’s the inside of my heart that needs God.’

The rabbi answered, ‘God never forces anything into a human heart. He writes the word on our hearts so that when our hearts break, God falls in.’

Whatever you hold sacred, you’ll find that an unguarded broken heart is the ideal instrument for absorbing it.”

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Let Life Live Through You


Try not to resist the changes that come your way.

Instead let life live through you.

And do not worry that your life is turning upside down.

How do you know that the side you are used to

is better than the one to come?


Check out this video on one of the most beautiful places on the Monterey Peninsula by Andrew Julian.

Link to Video    or cut and paste in your browser: http://vimeo.com/58045466

Esalen Sunset 1

~Yes to Self-Surender

“I don’t know Who — or what — put the question,
I don’t know when it was put.
I don’t even remember answering.
But at some moment I did answer
to Someone — or Something —
and from that hour
I was certain that existence is meaningful
and that, therefore, my life in self-surrender, had a goal.”
~Dag Hammarskjöld


Yosemite Time Lapse video

Click on the Yosemite link above to watch a stunning time lapse video

filmed by Shawn Reeder, set to beautiful music by Shaun Paul

~Uniquely Individual

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all,

there is only the meaning

we each give to our life,

an individual meaning,

an individual plot,

like an individual novel,

a book for each person.

~ Anais Nin

~Reframing a Label

Turn It Around

We live in a culture that uses labels

as a means of understanding the world

and the people living in it.

As a result, many of us find ourselves

laboring under a label

that has a negative connotation.

Unless we can find a way

to see the good in such a label,

we may feel burdened

by an idea of ourselves

that is not accurate.

It is important to remember

that almost nothing in this world

is all good or all bad,

and most everything

is a complex mixture of gifts and challenges.

In addition, different cultures

revere certain qualities over others,

but this does not mean

that these qualities are inherently good or bad.

For example, a culture that elevates outgoing behavior

will label an introvert in a negative way,

calling them antisocial.

In truth, the ability to spend time alone

is one that most great artists, mystics, and visionaries share.

Owning the positive side of this label

can lead us deeper

into our gifted visions and fertile imaginations.

When we look into the lives

of any of the great people in history,

we always find that they had quirks and eccentricities

that earned them less than ideal labels

from the societies in which they lived.

Many famous artists and musicians

were considered to be isolated loners

or disruptive troublemakers,

or sometimes both,

yet these people altered history

and contributed to the world

an original vision or advances

in our understanding of the universe.

If we can remember this as we examine our own selves

and the labels people use to describe us,

we find that there is a bright side to any characterization.

If you have been labeled,


that all you have to do to see the positive side

is to turn the label around.

For example, you may be considered to be overly emotional,

and the fact that you are perceived this way

may make you feel out of control.

But notice, too,

the gifts of being able to feel and express your emotions,

even in a world that doesn’t always encourage that.

You might begin to see yourself

as brave and open-hearted enough

to stay alive to your feelings.

You may also see

that there are certain paths and professions

in which this is a necessary ability.

As you turn your label around,

the light of your true nature shines

to guide you on your way.


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